Board and card games for senior adults

It used to be that playing cards and board games were very popular. Folks would have family night where they would play such games as monopoly or Parcheesi. (You remember Parcheesi don’t you) it would be a great way for the family to do things together. Card games would also be popular, I know that years ago my relatives use to get together and play card games like 500 and Hearts. Of course things have changed and the internet came about as well as video games with video players such as Wii and Nintendo. But with the elderly and senior adults these types of games can be a terrific gift idea for them.

You would think that everyone has a deck of cards and I know that we used to have several decks in the house when I was growing up. But you know that not all senior citizens or elderly who live by their self’s have cards, especially a deck that is easier for them to see. There are many places that you can get them a deck that has the face value in large enough print that they can see. There are also card holders for some folks who have a hard time holding on to the cards.

A game that is popular with my mother is dominoes. Like cards you can play with 2 or more players. Also like cards you can get dominoes that are easier to look at. If you can try to get a set of dominoes in an easy carrying case that way it can be taken to a friend’s house.

The really special part of getting cards or dominoes or any other type of games is playing them along with your older relatives or friends. More than anything else that will certainly be appreciated.